This course was amazing.  I found all the information very insightful and interesting, it definitely kept me looking forward to the next modules coming in the mail.  I really enjoyed learning all the different stages of growth in our children and what's happening i...
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Kidz Need Dadz Wellington hosted a talk by Chris Bowden in March 2022.

His talk focused on the importance of Dads for children and young people's development. Chris has lectured in the School of Education at Victoria University of Wellington since 2004. He teaches in courses that focus on human development, adolescent and youth development...
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Kidz Need Dadz Christchurch

February 25, 2022
In late 2021, Cliff Shepherd, one of our fantastic team in Christchurch received a Civic Award on behalf of the city of Christchurch from the Mayor, Lianne Dalziel for "Community Services in Education and support for Dads, helping thousands of families and children enjo...
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DadzKare ZOOM Group Thursdays 7:30pm

Kidz Need Dadz is now providing a DadzKare ZOOM Group happening every Thursday in 2022 on ZOOM from 7.30pm.  The link to the DadzKare ZOOM Group is and stays the same each week. The new weekly onli...
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Covid 19 Tips

January 20, 2022
Sevem Top tips for keeping calm with kidz... #1-4 Self care 👌 👍 1. Sleep 😴 2. Sleep - 🛌 8hrs - you need it! 3. Eat Well - 🥘 & Eat first 4. Exercise - 🏃‍♂️👯‍♂️ Get Outside ☀️ 5. Know your triggers - 🤔 💣 💥 and Early Warni...
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Wai Dadz Bushwalk

December 15, 2021
[Video] Luke Tiller narrates a local Dads group's bush walk with their Kids as part of Kidz Need Dadz Wairarapa Dadzkare programme. ...
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