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courses for dads - support for young dads

Why Dads? - Info for New Dads

The Why Dads? booklet is for new or expecting Dads and anyone who works with new families.

This includes ante-natal course providers, midwives and Plunket/Wellchild, PND/MMH Groups and services. Why Dads? has been re-launched for 2020 and made available in print.

We can provide A5 booklets free of chargeContact us if you would like to order some for your friends, organisation, programme or playgroup.

Why Dads? Regional pilot project

Kidz Need Dadz is launching a new pilot project that will provide information to expecting and new dads in the Wellington, Manawatu/Horowhenua regions.

Helpful publications will be provided free to dads – distributed via antenatal classes. These will include the Why Dads? Booklet (see above) and the New Dad? and Need a Hand? flyers which give practical advice and support to help dads begin a positive journey into fatherhood.

Kidz Need Dadz Correspondence Courses

Run by Kidz Need Dadz staff who understand the challenges that men and dads face. These courses will help men from all backgrounds become better men and fathers.

The courses are delivered by post or email, module by module so dads can manage at their own pace. We will provide feedback and encouragement as you progress through the programme. Certificate and Greatness of Dads books are available on completion.

Discovering Fatherhood
A comprehensive 10-module course including: Baby Brain, Early Development, Safety with Toddlers, emotional development and Tricky Teenagers, plus understanding our own parenting style. Great information, tips and tricks including for separated parents. 

Contact us to register for this course.

Anger Management
A comprehensive 8 module around understanding, strategies and practical advice on  emotions, relationships and the removal of anger from parenting. The course looks at where our triggers stem from and provides examples of ways to cope with stressful situations.

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The Blokes Book

The Blokes Book is a free directory of local health and wellbeing services for men. There are two booklets – these cover the Wellington region and Horowhenua/Manawatu region.

The Blokes Book is an amazing resource that provides local information and direct contact details for a huge range of male-related topics and services.

We can provide booklets free of chargeContact us to place an order.

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