Dad Tips for Christmas

December 19, 2022

December Blog 

At Kidz Need Dadz we are looking to give some general pointers through a regular blog in 2023. As we on the cusp of Christmas and often tensions bubble over or the usual routines get up-ended, this might be a good time to give a brief Christmas survi...
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Great Opportunity in Christchurch 

New Manager for Kidz Need Dadz Trust in Christchurch  Start 2023 with a fantastic opportunity.  We want a manager to restart and expand the Kidz Need Dadz operations in Christchurch. We want to offer support services for Dads as well as provide our KidzKare service...
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Jono and Ben Event at Bunnings

November 28, 2022

KND BOP Team meet Jono and Ben 

The KND BOP Team braved the weather to support the Bunnings initiative, whereby Jono and Ben were attending a sausage sizzle in every town to show support for local charities.  Our team were delighted to attend.....think we had the best sausages!!!  HUGE thank...
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Do you want to work with families to support connection and engagement?  The Bay of Plenty team are recruiting new contact supervisors in Tauranga and Whakatane.  Please email for the Job Description or call 07 571 0379.  ...
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DadzKare ZOOM Group Thursdays 7:30pm

Kidz Need Dadz is now providing a DadzKare ZOOM Group happening every Thursday in 2022 on ZOOM from 7.30pm.  The link to the DadzKare ZOOM Group is and stays the same each week. The new weekly onli...
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