Relocation with your child - to do or not to do? 

What happens when one parent wants to relocate to a different region with the children? Recently we had a dad contact us concerned that the other parent was unilaterally moving to another region with their child, causing him distress.  Fortunately, an urgent applic...
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Welcome to 2023

January 18, 2023

Advocate Advice

Welcome to 2023After a summer break of wet weather and earthquakes (here in the Bay of Plenty) it was still a time to step back for a few weeks. After two summers of Covid restrictions, mother nature rained on this one.A top tip I give to our dads is sometimes taki...
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Dad Tips for Christmas

December 19, 2022

December Blog 

At Kidz Need Dadz we are looking to give some general pointers through a regular blog in 2023. As we on the cusp of Christmas and often tensions bubble over or the usual routines get up-ended, this might be a good time to give a brief Christmas survi...
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DadzKare ZOOM Group Thursdays 7:30pm

Kidz Need Dadz is now providing a DadzKare ZOOM Group happening every Thursday in 2022 on ZOOM from 7.30pm.  The link to the DadzKare ZOOM Group is and stays the same each week. The new weekly onli...
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