Welcome to 2023

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Welcome to 2023

After a summer break of wet weather and earthquakes (here in the Bay of Plenty) it was still a time to step back for a few weeks. After two summers of Covid restrictions, mother nature rained on this one.

A top tip I give to our dads is sometimes taking a step back is the best action to take. There is no shame in taking a tactical retreat, particularly if it feels like the sky is falling in around you. It gives you an opportunity to consolidate and get your ducks in a row before making a considered move forward. It is also creating an opportunity to administer some much-needed self-care, use this vacuum wisely and dare I say it, be a little selfish.

For those going through the Family Court process, nothing resolves itself quickly. And while the delays can seem frustrating, the one thing it does allow for is time to grieve. Getting past the anger stage is the one big advantage of being engaged in a process that seems glacial, but once you get through it and the anger subsides, you get to make far more considered decisions for you and your kids.  

Summer will come around again, that is for certain. 

In the meantime, our support groups are now up and running again.  If you are going through separation, the Family Court or just seek a bit of comradery, then we can help you.  We can talk about dads' self-care, strategies and common traps to avoid falling into.  You don't have to do this on your own.  To find our more contact your local region. 

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