Dad Tips for Christmas

December Blog 

At Kidz Need Dadz we are looking to give some general pointers through a regular blog in 2023. As we on the cusp of Christmas and often tensions bubble over or the usual routines get up-ended, this might be a good time to give a brief Christmas survival guide.

Firstly, remember that family are like fish, they go off after 3 days. So, if you go to stay with them or they stay with you, keep in mind that there is a best-before date, and it is easy to outstay the welcome. Add alcohol and tensions will likely flare-up. If this should happen, make a graceful exit and preserve the relationship. 

It is also a difficult time for parents of young children who, for what-ever reason, can’t be with their kids at Christmas. Trust that this year is a temporary set-back, you have a lot of runway left with your children and plenty of Christmases ahead, play the long-game on this one.  

If you don’t have your kids this Christmas, we understand it is a really challenging time, however, take the opportunity and go and make the most of it. This is the time of the year that many of your other family, friends and acquaintances make their homes and hospitality available. Take advantage of that hospitality. 

Self-care is a big component we preach at Kidz Need Dadz. Rather than staying in your familiar surroundings, head off for an adventure. We are so fortunate that in New Zealand we have Christmas mid-summer, so there's no need to be bunkered down. 

 Take care, stay safe, and we will see you in 2023.