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courses for dads - support for young dads

Why Dads? - Info for New Dads

The Why Dads? booklet has been re-launched for 2020 and made available in print for ante-natal course providers, midwives and new parent educators. 

We can provide printed A5 booklets free of charge. Contact us if you would like to order some for your friends, organisation, programme or playgroup.

courses for dads - good to great parents

Good Parents to Great Parents

This programme looks at different parenting styles, health and nutrition, different roles within families, the effects of domestic violence on children, and how parents can work together to put their kids’ needs first.

courses for dads - surviving separation

Surviving Separation

This programme is designed specifically for fathers who are separating from their partners. The programme focuses on understanding your emotions, the grief cycle, depression, fear and loss, working positively with your partner, understanding the court process, being single and keeping safe.

courses for dads - support for young dads

Young Dads, Strong Dads

This programme is based on the Good Parents to Great Parents programme but is tailored to take into account the stress and pressure young dads face. This programme is suitable for first time dads and stepdads aged 16-25.

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